The Ancient

by I Watch Mountains Grow

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A new level of progressive music has been achieved!
I Watch Mountains Grow break all the rules of modern metal!
With their disposition to unconventionality and informal gluttony to melody, they embed cataclysmic breakdowns in aesthetic compositions and embrace catchy refrains with shiny brutality.
"The Ancient" contains a proud amount of 13 tracks with almost an hour running time. It's like a story that you wake up in, and you find yourself caught between beauty and savagery, until the small path of sanity leads you through the diversity of this masterpiece.
Once you've been down this road, you'll want to taste the sweet and spicy flavour of the mountains again.
This is a must have for fans of intelligent metal.


released November 11, 2014

"We are a completely independent band and put a lot of money in this album. There is no label to help us and no sponsors, so please support us with buying these 13 tracks. That really means a lot to us. For a copy (Digipack + shipping costs) take a look into the "Merch" section.
Thank you very much! <3 IWMG"
"The Ancient" was recorded at Parkdeck Recordings.



all rights reserved


I Watch Mountains Grow Vienna, Austria


IWMG was founded in 2009 as Rotted on Toilet in Vienna, Austria. In summer 2012, they released their five-track-EP „A Place To Get Lost“.
On 21.12.2012, the band decided to move on as I Watch Mountains Grow.
Their full length debut album „The Ancient“ hit the market in fall 2014; a 13-track bomb with almost an hour pure progressive core music on it.
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Track Name: Syria
Empty, hollow! All I have is walls and cubes. These ruins used to be my residence.
They were cut out of my desires and dreams, where I do create every day and night to keep it inside.
I won't stop rebuilding until they finally defeated me.

We are permanently under siege,
our frontiers are about to fall to dust.
The bowels of this property keep a monster caged inside.

This is where you all never should have gone too.
I never asked you to come!
Deep in the intestines of my country lies the truth about the past but you never will be able to rip it out of it's womb!

For the same reason you won't control me: weakness.

Take a look in the mirror in front of you!
You cannot run from yourself.
No-one wants to face their demons but we have to, every day.
Track Name: No Hard Feelings Dude
Trapped inside me, it's trapped inside me.
Deep inside me, there's a part that is made of depression,
deep inside me, there is a veil of desperation.

I need you to be accepted, I need you to understand them.

Never give up, believe in me!
I beg you, please don't give up to fight for me!
(Never give up to believe in me!)

They call me: „Creep. Freak. Stranger. Sociopath.“
I am an outsider, find no way out (no!)
„Creep. Freak. Stranger. Sociopath.“
I need you by my side to fit the view of their eyes.

Never again, I want to be alone without you.
Never again, I want to be on my own.

Because I am the one who brings a knife to a gun fight!
I am the one who brings a gun to a knife fight!

We will never match!
Track Name: The Ancient
There was a time when I thought I was alone,
there was a time when we never raised our voice.
There was a time when we used to be constrained.
Now is the time for a revolution!

We know it in our hearts, we feel it in our souls.
Our part is taking back what the ancient built!

We will grow beyond our expectations.
It's time for revelation!
I never thought we could become so strong,
we conquer back where we belong!
Man the barricades!

Striking back!
Fighting back!
The ground shakes from our feet.

Run, fight with me and make them disappear!
Run, success is near!
The battle starts right here.

We used to drown in the blood of our beloved ones.
But now, the sun is back in our faces.
And we are finally back to what we called home.
The sun shines back in our faces again!
Track Name: How Is the Thing Called, That's Left When Friendships End?
This is I Watch Mountains Grow, 2014, back it up!
You’re listening to „How is the Thing Called Thats Left When Friendships End?“
So cut the crap and turn the volume up!

Never gonna be your world.
I don't wanna fall for you.

Oh, what the fuck is wrong with me and you?
We used to be so nice together.
What the fuck is wrong with you and me?
We will be in struggle forever.
What the fuck happened to the thing we called friendship?
Oh, there is no way that me and you will ever work it through.

No, i won't erase all these memories, I will keep them save in my heart!
This is at least what I owe you and to the moments we shared.

You asked me about the darkness behind my eyes so far.
Don't ask me, ask my heart if that keeps us so apart!

No, I won't erase all these memories, I will keep them save in my heart!
This is at least what I owe you and to the moments we shared.

What the fuck is wrong with me?

I will never, ever again fall for your eyes, fall for your smile, fall for you!
Track Name: That Moment When You Can't Find a Lighter
Why the fuck are you staring at me?
Is this your face or a tumor?
Please tell me, because i can’t!
Please get out of my sight!
When i look at you, i get depressive and i don't need this.

I don't need all of you talking to me endlessly.
I don't want to hear your boring stories about your lives.

It's like that moment when you can't find a lighter when you really need it 
and you have to go to the shop just to find it closed and you still have
no lighter to lighten things up.

Push your fingers into your eyes, that also burns!

I’m so sick, you're so sick.
After all, i'm a prick.
You're so sick, i'm so sick.
Don't be a giant dick about it.

Why can't you all just drown in your ignorance?
Why can't you just go down in belligerence?
Why can't I wear a crown in oblivion?
And why does this make no fucking sense?

You are the new plague of our planet.
An old misery with a new, ugly face.
Do all of us a favor: end it right now!
Your life is a waste, at least make your parents proud!

Watching you is like that moment when you can't find a lighter when you really need it 
and you have to go to the shop just to find it closed and you still have
no lighter to light things up.
Push your fingers into your eyes, that also burns!
Track Name: Of Wind and Water ...
Track Name: … and Footsteps of a Spaceman
I cast out my spirit, fall to ground as empty tears.
The void has come over me, my engine is rusted - I crumble to dust.

I see my life right before my eyes, float to foreign shores, drift through empty spaces, fly across forgotten places.

I watch my memories fading away like footprints in the sand.
I’m not important anymore. No, I won’t (even) pretend.

My mind expands irresistible rising, I already passed the event horizon.
The only thing that never changes is that things change. And so do we and form into something we did never arrange.
The spirit soars straight, no longer by no borders confined.
The body is an empty shell, we left it behind with an abandoned planet; hollow, wilted and full of dread.
Once, a wise man said: "the stars outnumber the dead"

I have become one with eternity. Nothing can rip this being off of me. Free.
Track Name: In Conflict!
Once again, I put my feet on the street, just to realize that we decreased the level irreversibly.

How can it be that we live in a world where violence is a peccadillo and six guys can rape a girl and torture her to death, just because she wanted to help her lover?

Over and over. She fled into coma to escape the pain.
Using that crowbar. Not showing regret.
Throwing her on the garbage.

How can it be that a little girl can be run over by several cars while people are watching and nobody does anything to help that poor young thing?

Car by car. And the weight of tons turns her small bones into dust.
From afar, they heard her cries but ignored it aghast.

Over and over. She fled into coma to escape the pain.
People are passing by - nobody cares.
Until she finally finds redemption.

How can it be? I wonder how can it be?
This is why I am in conflict and I know that i’m not alone. In conflict with the world we call our own.

And we tolerate it. We sit on our couches and watch the news and we pretend compassion while being happy that it’s not us on the screen, it’s not us in this scene where those people are crying and holding their dearest in arms while they’re pleading and dying.
We do nothing, we just watch them. And thank god it’s not us there, but they are still people and we start to lose it. Or have we lost it long ago?
We are in conflict!
Track Name: Tribute to Humanity
This is the story of a species, proud and beautiful, good within the heart.
Haunted by the ghosts of fear and greed, until their good hearts tore apart.

Truth isolated in lies, rip them off the sky!
They rose too high, rip them off the sky!

Falling down from heavens,
dropped by their own angels, 
dragged to dark in shame.
Perish in eternal blame!
Track Name: Singularity - Coming Home
I’m finally coming home after years of straggling around alone.
„Home is where the heart is.“
I lost my heart, I lost my home.
I’m on a journey to settle down - for a new start.

Nebulae obfuscate my view,
meteors lead me through.
Step by step, year by year.
Crawling forwards through lightyears of fear.
In my mind, I carry the idea of my home - the concentrated absence of light and time.
No intruder will disturb me, it's supermassive. The gravitation rips everything apart.

There in the distance, I’m not sure but I seem to see
(a small notch in a blanket of lights) a single spot as the destination of my attendants.
Still far away but the way it pulls me is distinctive.
Seconds become years while I’m floating towards my new home.

It grasps for my legs, it huddles my chest, it almost crushes my head. Suddenly there is silence.

I’m finally home. This feeling 's overwhelming.
And I know I will stay here for ever and a day!

Suddenly my limbs start twitching, my body is cricking.
There's a traction in my phrenic and my surroundings infiltrate my skin.


Everything pools in a final aim.
The only purpose is becoming one, to unite to antimatter.

Track Name: How Worlds Originate
After a long, dry period of heat, a small cloud shows up in the sky.
And as the first raindrop falls down to earth, a spark of hope and happiness lightens up the people's hearts.

The rain is pouring down for days,
water fills the streets,
small lakes begin to rise.
The soil becomes muddy and soft,
we open the windows and enjoy the breeze.
"bam bam badam bam!"

Come on we moisten our feet, right there on the street!
Let us dance through the rivers on the sidewalk!
Come on we moisten our feet, right there on the street!
The water is exactly what we need!

H2O is seeping into our skin. 
Our legs are slowly sinking in.

We should learn how to swim.
The surface reaches my chin.

This is not just a simple flood,
it's a carrier of life, of flesh & blood.
If they say this was bad - it's not.
It's the starting of something new, my god!

The masses are strong, they drag us along 
while we sing this song.
No, it won't get us home but don't get me wrong,
we'll sing all night long.

And so we drift with the slow current and enjoy the raindrops on our heads and in our hair.
Around us - the rooftops, the only thing left to see of the houses we used to live in.

the water was sent to turn this world upside down, upside down

H2O is seeping into our skin. 
Our legs are slowly sinking in.
Our cities won't be what they were like,
only this time we will get it right!

Turn this world down!
Turn this world upside down!

This is how worlds originate!
Track Name: All Those Moments Will Be Lost in Time, Like Tears in Rain
His dull eyes stare into the void
He seems like he's awaken - but his touch is cold.
Some may say a broken heart can be fixed,
some may say.

But he knows it better,
he always knew.
And as he listened to their advise
he had to face the consequences
and he built up his fences.

A small black clump is beating inside his chest
and he can’t find no rest.
Accomplishment sleeps in a needle,
arouse it softly with a kiss.

His blood is rushing, his eyes can't focus a thing.
His ears trick him with noise that cannot be heard.
The poison corrodes it's way through his blood to the brain.
His lungs won't stop breathing but his eyes fade.
Track Name: We Start at the End and Stop at the Beginning
Hush my dear, we leave this place.
We leave this world behind, go back in time.
To live it all again

It's time my dear, pack your things. For all the bad we lived through, we'll see what the past brings.

Darling if you dare, take my hand!

You don't need to pretend you're not afraid, I know you're scared.
(we will be ok, we will be fine, we will be just right)
We will live better than we could have before.

I appreciate your trust in me.